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We send the cars and parts from Nagoya port which is located in the middle of Japan. We normally use Roll on / Roll off Vessels when we export used cars. And Our shippment also offers you the container shipping service and vanning services. We have our own container  place and vanning work services. Cars and parts will be vanned into containers by your request,which will be optional service. We may charge you extra vanning fee to load the parts for example vanning special quippment and loading work by the vanning condtion and order status. The bookking for the Ro/Ro Vessels is sometime difficult by the unit size, the season,the country situation,etc. If you are in hurry, please note the above and look into the current status. And If you use container delivery, we need the time to load the cars and parts. It is better to confirm how long we need to prepare and make ready for the shipping. The shipping cost and container cost is changed well mostly every month. Please make sure the updated shipping rate and cost just before you make final order.


Vanning Service

Our shipping service provides also contaienr vanning service.  it is possible around 2 or 4 unit of normal size passenger’s cars. It will be loaded in the 20 or 40 feet high cube container. If you need the service, please give us advices for the setting the cars in the container. We will make arrangement the vanning services to offer you safe transportation. We also reccomend you the insulance for the gurantee of the safe shipping. Sometime the damages on cars  happen accidently during the shipping or the transportation. We can not take gurantee if you have the accidents when we load them and send the cars especially in the container delivery.


 17(M3) under
 1 unit  ¥60000
 2unit  ¥50000
 3 or more unit  ¥40000